What To Do On Whidbey Island: A Local's Guide

Explore Whidbey Island's top attractions with these 12 must-see spots, including scenic state parks, quaint towns, and unique experiences like art classes and farm-to-table dining. Book a stay with Kindred for a cozy and convenient home base during your trip.

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By: Kindred Member, Lilia K.

Since I moved to Whidbey, I’ve explored a TON and have also been asked constantly by friends for some Whidbey recs. Sooo, here is my first “Whidbey Island Day Trip Guide” 🌲🌊🦅☕️

Whidbey is ~1 hour from Seattle with a 15 minute ferry.

This guide starts higher up the island and then moves lower towards the ferry ⛴

Places I couldn’t add to this list — but places that you should def add to your list:
- Whale tour via the Orca Whale Network
- Savory Restaurant in Langley

1. Deception Pass State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington State

Super popular state park. While you’re over here, check out the Shrimp Shack for lunch, or pack a beach picnic! You can park on the side of the road, or within the park if you have a discover pass.



Deception Pass State Park

2. Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve

You can either park right at the beach and walk / picnic, or do the 5 mile loop trail. Some of the most stunning views in WA.



Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve

3. Captain Whidbey Inn

Come for drinks + food, and you’ll maybe even get some wildlife appearances. I saw some whales while sitting here last summer.



Captain Whidbey Inn

4. Coupeville Waterfront

Fun fact: Coupeville is where the movie Practical Magic was filmed. You can even visit the OG magic store. It’s a cute town with some good restaurants and bakeries (I.e. oystercatcher & Red Hen Bakery).



Coupeville Waterfront

5. Marbley

Sign up for an art class and make your own silk scarf in Coupeville. I love this water marbling technique. Classes are ~60minutes.


Facebook Page


6. Price Sculpture Forest

Free half mile walk full of unique sculpture art.



Explore the Price Sculpture Forest, a free half-mile walk showcasing stunning and unique sculpture art in the heart of Washington. Perfect for a family outing or a romantic stroll

7. Greenbank Farm

Pies! Coffee! Cute farm aesthetic!



Discover a hidden gem in Greenbank Farm, one of the many local treasures to explore during your Kindred home swap experience.

8. Greenbank Store

The sandwiches here are 🔥



Greenbank Store - Enjoy delicious sandwiches while staying at Kindred, your home away from home in Whidbey Island.

9. Double Bluff Beach

My favorite beach walk.



Double Bluff Beach - Enjoy the stunning sunset views at this beautiful beach, a perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation. Stay at Kindred for a unique and personalized experience, far better than a typical hotel stay.

10. Orchard Kitchen

Farm to table fine dining.

Reservations need to be made in advance and only available 1-2x per week but the experience is gold.



Orchard Kitchen - Experience the farm-to-table fine dining at Orchard Kitchen, with reservations required in advance for this exclusive 1-2x per week experience. Stay with Kindred and enjoy the benefit of being able to indulge in this gold standard culinary adventure.

11. Whidbey Island - Washington State Ferries

Probably the most important part of your trip — THE FERRY. Make sure to check the ferry times from Mukilteo to Clinton. I also try to avoid ferry traffic at all costs so don’t go on traffic hours or peak summer times! 😅

More Info

Taking the ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton on Whidbey Island. Avoid traffic and peak summer times for a smoother ride. Enjoy the convenience of traveling with Kindred home swapping.

12. The Machine SHOP

Arcade in Langley that is a VIBE. Neon lights and games everywhere.


Website & Facebook Page

Experience the fun of retro arcade games and neon lights at The Machine SHOP in Langley, Washington - a perfect place to have some quality time with family and friends during your stay at Kindred.

Other favorites to check out when visiting Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island Distillery
Flower House Café
The Clyde Theatre
Penn Cove Brewing Co. - Freeland Brewery & Taproom
Seabiscuit Bakery & Co