10 Common Questions Before Your First Kindred Home Exchange

Ready to kick-off your first Kindred home exchange but still have some burning questions? We've got you! We've gathered answers to 10 common questions to ensure you have all the info you need for an effortless experience.

Kindred Home Swap Member Home in Portland
Kindred Member Home: Portland

Ready to kick-off your first Kindred home exchange but still have some burning questions? We've got you! We've gathered answers to 10 common questions to ensure you have all the info you need for an effortless experience.

Do I need to remove my personal belongings from my home to host a Kindred member?

Absolutely not! Your home should feel like a home, not a vacation rental. It's normal to have pictures on the walls, clothes in your drawers and closets, and items on your shelves. We'll provide you with complimentary “privacy please” stickers that you can use to indicate any areas you'd prefer your guests to avoid. Just tidy away any unnecessary clutter, and our professional cleaning team will ensure your home is pristine before and after each trip. Plus, we provide a set of Kindred sheets, towels, and toiletries for your guests, so you don't have to worry about those details!

More details on how to prep your home here.

Side Table

2. Do I need to coordinate cleaners?

Nope, we’ve got you covered. We coordinate professional cleaning before and after each Kindred stay, ensuring a hassle-free, consistent, and trustworthy experience for both members. You can choose to work with your existing cleaner, or we can provide a Kindred preferred cleaner from your area, but either way, we'll take care of all coordination and payment. We do this so you don't need to stress about cleaning your home before heading out on a trip, and so you can return to a sparkling home that's even cleaner than when you left!

Professional Home Cleaning

3. What happens if something in my home is damaged?

Accidents happen. As a Kindred member, you can rest assured that we've got you covered. Our Host Protection Coverage automatically includes $100,000 of coverage for each trip in the event of any accidental damage. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to make things right. Additionally, we require all members to have active renters or homeowners insurance policies for additional coverage. Your insurance provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. If you're currently not covered, we're happy to provide recommendations.

San Francisco Home for Swap
Kindred member home: San Francisco

4. Am I in control of who stays at my home?

Yes - you will ALWAYS have full control over who stays at your home. This is your personal space, and we will never book a trip you're not 100% comfortable with. You're under no obligation to accept any member stay requests, and there are no minimum hosting requirements to be a Kindred member or keep your membership active. If a fellow member requests to book your home when it's open, we'll send you their profile including:

  • A video intro from the requesting member
  • Info about them, their experience on Kindred, & any additional guests they'd like to bring
  • Context on their trip & why they'll be traveling

Your home, your rules!

Vancouver Home for Swap
Kindred member home: Vancouver

5. Can I have my guest watch my pet for me?

Some Kindred members ask trusted guests to watch their pets while they are away – for example, feeding a cat. If you would like for a Kindred guest to do any pet-sitting for you, you are absolutely welcome to ask them, and many members do! However, you’ll need to make arrangements directly with the member, and any pet sitting agreements are outside of Kindred's home exchange services. This means that Kindred is not responsible for caring for your pets (for example, if the trip falls through), and will not be held liable for any injury or damage involving pets. Because of that, we encourage you to only proceed if you are confident your guest knows what they are doing :)

6. Can I bring my pet with me on a home exchange?

You are welcome to bring your pets with you on a Kindred home exchange as long as the member hosting you approves this ahead of time! To request bringing a pet, you'll need to provide your pets' age, type, shedding, training, and care arrangements when booking to ensure your host is comfortable with these details. We find that many members love using Kindred to find pet-friendly home exchanges. If you're looking for a pet-friendly home, be sure to indicate so when adding the trip to your wishlist in the Kindred app, so we can be sure to suggest matches with members who are open to hosting your furry friend (or...your scaly friend?). Some members are not able to accept pets or even certified service animals due to allergies or building restrictions.

Kindred member home: Chicago

7. Can I bring friends with me on my home exchange?

Of course! We believe travel is best shared with loved ones. You'll be able to indicate how many guests you're planning to bring as part of the request to book. As a heads up, we have a limit on 6 guests max in one home, and the host has the final say in whether they are comfortable with the trip. When the host approves, you'll just share your guest's names and contact information with the Kindred concierge team so we can register them and get them added to the trip's group chat with your host.

Friends on Vacation at the Beach

8. How much does it cost to take a trip?

At Kindred, there are no nightly rental fees. Members only cover the cost of cleaning and a small service fee per stay. Host Protection Policy, cleaning coordination, and 24/7 support for guests and hosts are included in that service fee. If you use Kindred for more than a few trips, it often makes sense to purchase an annual Kindred Passport. Passport holders unlock $0 in service fees on an unlimited number of trips over a 1 year period.

Kindred Home Swap Savings

9. Do all trips have to be reciprocal, 1-for-1 swaps?

Absolutely not! We offer a flexible "give a night to get a night" policy. By hosting others, you accumulate credits (nights) that you can then use to stay at a different member's home. Hosting is a gift to the community, and regardless of the city or home size, you can receive from the community in return. It's a beautiful way to share and create connections.

Denver Colorado Home for Swap
Kindred member home: Denver

10. What happens if I don't earn enough credits for the trip I want to go on?

Members can earn credits in three ways:

  1. Newly accepted members receive "starter" credits after completing their home profile. This allows new members to try out staying before hosting.
  2. You can earn more credits by hosting other members In your home while you're out. Each night given equals one night earned, regardless of the value of your home.
  3. Members can also earn credits by referring friends who are accepted to join Kindred.

These earned credits can be used toward future trips, allowing you to accumulate the nights you need for your desired trip. It's a give-to-get system that encourages sharing and connection within the Kindred community.

We're here every step of the way! From coordinating professional cleaning to providing Host Protection, to finding you the perfect trip, we're committed to ensuring your home exchange experience is magical.

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