10 Reasons Why Travelers are Turning to Home Swapping

Say goodbye to impersonal hotel rooms and hello to the warmth of real homes, where every home swap stay is an opportunity to live like a local.

Kindred Member's Home in San Francisco
Kindred member home: San Francisco, California

What is Home Swapping & How Does it Work?

Travel isn’t always about where you go, it’s also about how you stay. Home swapping is an up-and-coming trend that’s changing the way people travel.

So what is home swapping? Well, when you join a home exchange network, no money is exchanged between you and your guest. As a host, your guest is just that: your guest! They are not renting your home out; they are simply staying at your home as if you are letting a friend house-sit while you are away.

And when you are the guest, you’re staying in a real home, where real people typically reside. This means the homes you stay in are equipped for everyday life and comfort, they’re not stale vacation rentals.

When you house swap through Kindred, you have homes to choose from across two continents (with more to come)! You become part of a network that provides a cashless exchange between individuals who share a love for travel and foster a sense of global community. 

On the Kindred app, your only costs are a cleaning fee and a service fee per trip. For example, a typical 2-week stay in NYC costs around $620. A comparable stay on a rental app would be closer to $4100.

Beautiful Sausalito Home Available for Swap on Kindred
Kindred member home: Sausalito, California

Why People Choose Home Swapping vs. Hotels or Short-Term Rentals

While the financial savings of home swapping are an obvious perk to joining a home swapping community, let’s break down the other advantages that home swappers find attractive about this way of traveling:

Life-Changing Affordability

When you swap homes, the absence of nightly fees significantly reduces expenses compared to traditional home rental costs. These savings leave you room to experience everything else the location has to offer. 

Feel Like An Actual Local

Put down your phone and stop wondering if those Google reviews of the restaurant around the corner are real or not. When you participate in a Kindred home swap, your host leaves you with a guest guide of their favorite spots. Find the true hidden gems of a city with local recommendations that fit your interests when you stay in the home of someone who actually lives there.

Stay in a Well-Loved, Lived-In Home

You deserve to stay in a real home, not a staged one. When you house swap, you get to enjoy a well-stocked kitchen and a fully functional WFH space so you can vacation as hard -or as little- as you want to. (Bonus: You may be inspired by some pretty rad interior decorating, too!)

Kindred Member's Home Office in Miami, Florida
Kindred member home: Miami, Florida

Travel More Often

Ditch the mindset of planning just one or two trips a year because that’s all you can afford. When lodging doesn't eat up half your travel budget, your entire world opens up! (As of 2024, the Kindred home exchange network has homes across North America and Europe for you to explore.)

From Swanky to Bohemian: Varied Styles to Match Your Taste

From traditional homes to art deco to everything in between, Kindred has a wide variety of home styles to choose from. So ditch that drab hotel room or soulless rental for a home that suits your taste and will leave you feeling inspired.

An Authentically Human Experience

Kindred’s home swapping network is structured so no one can be a “taker” on the platform because you have to “give a night to get a night”. This fosters a sense of trust and connection, leading to a more respectful and caring use of each other’s property. In fact, it’s typical to leave a note or token of appreciation to thank your host for graciously opening their home to you.

Pet-Friendly Options

You can find pet-loving hosts who are happy to have you bring your pet along (just make sure your cute tag-along is approved ahead of time by your host!). If you’re looking to leave your pet at home while you’re away, there are members who love pet sitting while on a house swap, too.

Home Swapping Requires Less Work Than You Think

We aim to make hosting effortless. Match with a member that you’re excited to swap with. Let us take care of the rest. We will: 

  • Organize professional cleaners before & after each stay
  • Provide you with a unique lockbox and a guest essentials kit as a warm welcome for guests
  • Assign a concierge to your guest with 24/ support so you don’t have to feel like a “property manager” while you’re away. 

Social Responsibility

When you travel via home swapping, you’re saying no to the cycle of property investment that often leads to rent increases and displacement of local residents. And you’re saying yes to a way of traveling that respects and upholds the rights of local residents to remain in their communities.

Be Part of a Global Community

Participating in a home exchange network transcends the mere act of travel; it’s about sharing your own space and experiences while embracing those of others. You become part of a network where every home shared is a step towards a more connected and understanding world.

Patio of Kindred Member's Home in Mexico City
Kindred member home: Mexico City, Mexico

So what should you expect when you sign up for Kindred? 

The first step is to fill out an application. You’ll provide some basic info, give a quick tour of your home using either video or photos (no cleaning required!), and wait to get approved. Once approved, you can browse homes hosted by trusted peers or have your concierge find options for you. 

On the Kindred app, once your home is ready for guests, you can swap 1-for-1 or host your home while you’re away to earn credits that can be used to book stays in other members' homes at another time. 

We recognize that home swapping is a new concept for many people, so Kindred offers 5 complimentary nights after approval. This allows you to travel before hosting and familiarize yourself with the home swap experience.

Learn more about home swapping v. short-term rentals or fill out a Kindred application to start your home swapping journey today.