Home Swap Destinations: Where to Go on Your Next Trip

Are you dreaming of a vacation but feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of home swap destinations available? This article will guide you through popular locations for all interests.

Backyard and Pond in Kindred Member Home: Sausalito
Kindred Member Home: Sausalito

When you participate in a home exchange network, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what feels like endless options. And we get it: decision paralysis is real!  

With endless cities to choose from as a home swapper, how do you go about deciding where in the world to travel for your next (or first!) home swap destination?

The first step is to ask yourself what kind of trip you’re looking for. A full retreat to the mountains? Fresh energy from a new city you haven’t explored? Or maybe you still haven’t done an international trip since pre-pandemic days and you’re just itching to fly across the pond…

Whether you’re looking to home swap in a city or prefer to tap into your outdoorsy side, we’ve put together a home swap destination list that has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to embrace your creative side…

The people of Portland and Austin will be the first to tell you to “keep it weird”. Ready to release your inner artist? Check out what these cities offer for the creative types.


Beautiful views from inside a Kindred member’s living room
Beautiful views from inside a Kindred member’s living room

When you house-swap in Portland, it’s like jumping into this lively, creative world where individualism (and coffee!) is celebrated. Whether you’re staying in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, there’s always something new to discover. If you’re into vintage shops, bookstores, and people-watching, it will be quite difficult to peel yourself away from this city.

Portland is super green, too! Not just with their eco-friendly attitude, but literally - parks and gardens are everywhere. There’s always some sort of music show or cool gallery pop-up to check out. Oh, and the food carts! The food carts! What a way to have an international culinary experience. Not sure what we mean? Find a house swap in Portland. Then you’ll see what we mean (and you’ll thank us later)!


Relax on the back deck of this Kindred members home after a day of exploring Austin
Relax on the back deck of this Kindred members home after a day of exploring Austin

Austin locals have a motto, “Keep Austin Weird”, and they live by it - in the best way possible. You’ll feel it as soon as you step into the city. Everyone is there to have a good time and live life to the fullest. The whole city seems to be vibing with live music on every corner. And let’s talk about the food, ok? We’re talking mouth-watering BBQ, creative food trucks, and yes, tacos that will change your life (we’re looking at you, Taco Cabana). Every neighborhood has its little quirks that make you want to keep exploring. Spend your days window shopping on South Congress, taking a dip in Barton Springs Pool, or take notes from the locals and lounging in Zilker Park. You’ll feel inspired and refreshed after a home exchange in Austin!

If you’re looking to leave the laptop behind for a world-class city experience…

It’s time to consider a home swap destination with someone who lives in one of the following locations…

(Okay, so we’re not here to tell you that you have to leave your laptop behind. If you think you can take your work with you while home-swapping in Paris or Barcelona, well… you’re stronger than we’ll ever be. With so much to look at and explore in these cities, it’s easy to get distracted when you home swap in one of these world-class destinations!)


Kindred member home in the heart of Paris, France
Kindred member home in the heart of Paris, France

The moment you step onto the streets of Paris for the first time, you enter another world. Walking through Paris is like living out your very own movie scene where you’re the main character. Hearing French chatter at every corner, locals walking home after work with their fresh-baked bread, and getting drawn into charming little shops where you can spend your Euros… what’s not to love? There’s a reason Paris is called the “City of Love”; after spending your holidays there, you fall in love with the city itself.

By the end of your home swap in Paris, you’ll find yourself fully embracing the essence of a flâneur, or a person who enjoys wandering with no purpose. You can easily spend an entire day in Montmartre, a Parisian neighborhood filled with narrow, winding streets that capture the romantic essence of Paris. Another neighborhood favorite is the Latin Quartier, home to Paris’ oldest bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, which, yes, is a popular tourist attraction, but a must-do for anyone who enjoys history and literature.


Unique and Spacious Shoreditch Home in London
Unique and Spacious Shoreditch Home in London

London is like walking through a live history book while blending the modern buzz of life that’s all around you. It’s got this bustling energy with pockets of tranquility found in quirky neighborhoods like Shoreditch or elegant ones such as Kensington.  You’ve got their Royal Parks, several popular markets, and endless iconic landmarks, like the London Eye. And while London’s famous Ferris wheel will give you an incredible view of the city, what you won’t find high in the sky are the details hidden within the Boroughs of Greater London.

Take Richmond, for instance. It’s just a quick train ride from central London but feels like a riverside retreat away from city commotion. You can enjoy a scenic walk along the Thames before heading to the cute shops and cozy cafes along the river. (We hear Kiss the Hippo is a local favorite.)

Ted Lasso fans will want to pop into the Crown & Anchor Pub, where Apple’s popular TV show filmed many of its scenes. It’s like stepping right into your screen! Richmond -or any of the Boroughs of London- is a great escape from the big city while on your home swap holiday.


Chic, Family-Friendly Home with Bohemian Edge in Barcelona 
Chic, Family-Friendly Home with Bohemian Edge in Barcelona 

Foodies and art lovers, unite! Barcelona is a rich and historic city, full of art, beauty, and culinary adventures. You could museum hop for weeks in this city. Between museum visits, there are endless fine dining options to choose from, or you can take a tip from the locals and have yourself a mid-day siesta. If you’re home-swapping for more than a week here, you’ll want to venture out and soak in the beauty surrounding Barcelona, too! Dali and Picasso fans won’t want to miss where they found much of their inspiration: the Costa Brava coastline. Barcelona is a great choice if you’re looking for a European stay that can offer city, coastline, and country in one trip!

New York

A Kindred members home in Brooklyn 
Kindred member home: Brooklyn

Ah, the city that never sleeps… or does it? 

Here’s a little-known fact: even the Big Apple takes a brief nap in the middle of the night. Yep, Grand Central shuts down from 2 am until about 5 am… so if you miss that last train heading to Connecticut, you might find yourself having an unexpected Manhattan adventure!

But hey, when you plan a NYC getaway on Kindred, you can leave those tri-state area hotels behind. Your itinerary is no longer at the mercy of the Penn Station train schedule. Cozy up in a Brooklyn Brownstone or kick back in a condo with killer views of the Manhattan skyline. And the best part? With all that cash you save on accommodations, you can totally splurge on a full New York experience. Mouthwatering eats, the hottest Broadway shows, and sights that will have your Instagram popping. New York City is your oyster, and you’re free to explore it at your own pace; no train schedules needed.

If you can’t make up your mind between city livin’ and nature lovin’...

Then home swap in cities that offer a blend of terraces and trees.

San Francisco Bay Area

View from a Kindred Member’s home in San Francisco
View from a Kindred Member’s home in San Francisco

The best part about home swapping in San Francisco is that if you want to spend a day in nature, it’s easy! Take a respite from city livin’ and drive just an hour north to Muir Woods to enjoy the redwoods for the day. Drive up Highway 1 along the coast and stop at Stinson Beach, or the local's secret, Bolinas, to catch some waves. Another option is to take public transportation to the north end of the city, where the Presidio Forest will wow you with its towering Eucalyptus trees and artist Andy Goldsworthy’s playful art sculpture, Wood Line. SF has it all: art, music, architecture, forests, the ocean, the list goes on…When you leave San Francisco, you’ll feel spoiled rotten because you’ll have had a li’l taste of everything.


Kindred Member Home in Denver
Kindred Member Home: Denver

Here’s an insider tip on home swapping in Denver: You might find the city empty on the weekends because everyone is hiking in the mountains to get their nature fix. What does this mean for you? Well, it means you’ve got options when you decide to exchange your home for a stay in Denver! Looking for an easy hike? Choose from endless trails at Rocky Mountain National Park or zip over to Red Rocks in just 30 minutes for some fun exploring. Not much of a hiker? No problem! Drive to the top of Mt. Evans, where you can park your car and take a (very short) walk up to the summit. (Just take your time- that thin air is no joke!)

After a day of hiking (or, you know, scenic driving), you may want to kick up your feet and relax for the night and have a night in. Or… you could spend the money you saved by home swapping and head down to Pearl Street, Denver’s Historic Shopping District. If shopping isn’t your thing, you can live like a local at Washington Park, where everyone hangs out on the weekends and during those warm summer nights. You’ll get used to the Mile High City in no time.

If you’re looking to go into full-blown retreat status…

You’ll want to consider these dreamy California escapes for a complete nature immersion.


Kindred member home: Truckee, Tahoe

Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear waters and jaw-dropping mountains bring you a peaceful and serene escape from city life. So if you are craving nature, relaxation, and rejuvenation, Lake Tahoe is the perfect destination for your next home swap!

Explore nearby state parks along the edge of this scenic lake or hike in the surrounding mountains. And hey, since you’re saving a bundle by participating in a cashless home exchange, why not treat yourself and rent a boat for a day?

Prefer to hit the slopes? Pick any one of the 12 ski resorts and snag yourself a lift ticket for a day (or two or three). Lake Tahoe covers a vast area, where you can dive into nature and feel like a whole new you.

Joshua Tree

Kindred member home: Joshua Tree

Stargazing, sound baths, and solitude… sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Joshua Tree has a long list of unique things to do within its region of the California High Desert. However, a visit to Joshua Tree wouldn’t be complete without, well, Joshua Trees! Find some of the largest Joshua trees and junipers in the less-visited Covington Flats. Or find yourself in solitude on the Pine City Trail, which leads to an old mining area and a forest of Dr. Seuss-looking trees. A home stay in this region will give you an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left.

If you’ve used up most of your vacation days but work from home…

Then these home swap destinations will satisfy your wanderlust without compromising your PTO. Here’s what we’ve drummed up for the perfect WFH destinations. (And remember: you’ve still got your evenings and weekends to explore!)


Biltmore House, Asheville, NC
Biltmore House, Asheville, NC / Unsplash
French Broad River Brewery, Asheville
French Broad River Brewery, Asheville / Pixabay

This vibrant region has seen a population boom in recent years which is all the more reason to make this bohemian city your next home-swapping destination. 

When you stay in Asheville, you’re never far from an outdoor adventure. Take a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where there are multiple stops to explore on your route. It’s worth your while to check out Looking Glass Rock Overlook for one of the most iconic views along the parkway. If you enjoy hiking and waterfalls, you won’t be disappointed with the endless trails that serve up one of nature’s most beautiful scenes. Our favorite waterfall hike is the Moore Cove Falls, where you can walk behind the cascade.

Fill your weekend with exploring art galleries, quirky shops, and some of the best breweries the South has to offer.  And the music! The city comes to life at night– from street performers to intimate venues hosting bluegrass, jazz, and more. Asheville is the kind of place where you’ll feel rejuvenated and one with nature after just a few days. Even if you have to bring your laptop with you.


Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, Montana / Unsplash

Bozeman is one of those overlooked destinations we almost-sorta-kiiiinda want to keep a secret… But its snow-capped peaks, squabbling streams, and lush valleys of this charming Montana town provide an ideal spot for a home swap that we just can’t stay shushed about. If you’re an outdoor lover looking for a haven away from the more touristy, nature areas, your search is over. Bozeman is where it’s at.

This mountain town offers the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. After logging off from work, you’ve got options galore. Take a hike under the big Montana sky, cast a fishing line in one of the nearby lakes, or take a downtown stroll and grab a bite to eat. You’ll find a laid-back attitude among the people of Bozeman that is hard to find in big city life. Bozeman is the perfect area to slow down and just… breathe.

Pro Tips for a Seamless and Successful Exchange

A flawless and rewarding home exchange relies on clear communication, mutual respect, and a little preparation. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to make your home guest-ready.

Choosing the Right Home Swap for You

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